About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work & support Organizations and provide them exclusive business solutions, which helps them in creating new dimensions in their businesses. We develop customized applications, Mobile App, responsive web design and software’s to fulfill our client’s business requirements.

Our core aim and vision is to provide new technology to enhance the living standard of society and deliver the high quality of products as output and create a new era of employment generation through our training services.

About Us

Techfeedo Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is global software’s organization, which is expertise in delivering customized software solutions and focus on creation of various verticals across different line of businesses.

We at Techfeedo have achieved new highlights in short span of time to transform an obstacle of life into easiest solutions and bring them as sustainable model to achieve the business goals. The company has become successful under the leadership of women directors, a next generation entrepreneur in developing new business acumen with advanced tools and technology.

Company providing services quickly with a support of performer resources and meet deadline of customers. It is emerging as software development and training company in India.

Our products are Shadiparichay.com, 2nd Vivah.com and many more. Company has become leading software engineering firm with different IT solutions like web designing, e-commerce solutions, CMS based solutions, mobile app development. Also engaged in corporate training and individuals. We prioritize on customer feedback and its satisfaction & help them to remove their obstacle, which they are facing in business. Best practices and approach are taken in consideration to implement the products and providing services to the clients.

Our company has an expert team in different verticals like education, social network, e-commerce, mobility and Training. CMS based solutions and web designing provided by our company help in creating responsive website which save the investment of native app development. Still on customer demands we provide a mobile app on their choice –hybrid or native. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and believes in-time deliverables. This principle can grow both clients and our company.